Welcome to DESIGNER 2.0, a specialized and user-friendly calculation platform to easily create complex designs using hybrid profiles and vinyl sheet piling made by Pietrucha.

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The SuperLock hybrid sheet piling

A breakthrough innovation in the civil engineering industry. Made of PVC and reinforced with fiber-glass, the SuperLock profiles have all the advantages of vinyl sheet piling combined with reinforced strength and stiffness, which allows for a broader scope of application.

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Vinyl sheet piling

Our top-quality vinyl sheet piles used in civil engineering projects are an environmentally friendly, lightweight and extremely durable alternative to the traditional materials such as steel, concrete or wood.

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Anchoring systems

Earth anchors complement our offer of geosynthetic profiles. They are used to enhance the load-bearing capacity of sheet piling structures. Earth anchors work with the surrounding soil where the top plate of the sheet piling is fixed in the soil using a steel or concrete abutment plate, buried at a suitable distance from the sheet piling and connected to it with a bar tendon.

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